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Growing in Research and Development

Technology is integral to producing outstanding tyres and Maxxis continues to meet expectations with ongoing expansion of its research and development operations. Maxxis currently maintains five research facilities around the world, in Taiwan, China, the United States and the Netherlands. Large enough to accommodate hundreds of chemists and engineers, Maxxis' facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to advance tyres and compound design. Our top-notch engineers use the best equipment and technology, complementing the efforts of the global Maxxis team.

At Maxxis, research and development also includes comprehensive tests on our rubber compounds, with constant fine-tuning to match precise requirements for both replacement and original equipment tyres.

Continually looking to improve tyre performance Maxxis has invested in its own private proving grounds in China. This test track, one of the few privately owned in China, will promote Maxxis’growing relationships with major automakers. The evaluations don’t stop there. Our sponsored riders test our tyres and give input that directly affects the finished product.

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