Bighorn Radial M917 / M918

The Maxxis Bighorn is a legend in the ATV and UTV community

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The tread pattern and wide footprint give this radial exceptional traction. The Bighorn's shoulder lugs protect the sidewalls. Solid raised white lettering gives this tyre and attractive look. With radial construction, recreational rides as well as ATV racers will immediately appreciate the ride quality and comfort.

Tyre Sizes

Position Tyre Size Ply Rating Overall Diameter (in) Rim Size (in) Tread Depth (in) Label
Rear AT27X12R12 6 27.7 12X9.5 25/32
Front AT26X9R12 6 26.4 12X7.0 25/32
AT25X10R12 6 25.4 12X8.0
AT25X8R12 6 25.4 12X6.5
Rear AT26X12R12 6 26.4 12X9.5 25/32
AT26X10-14 6 26
AT26X8-14 6 26 22/32